Enigin’s Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Posted on 07. May, 2010 by admin in Eniscope

Why you need Enigin’s real-time energy management by using Eniscope

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  1. Rob Grooms

    12. May, 2010

    Another “Fantastic” video by Mr. Wrigley and the team at Enigin – Great Job Guys !!

  2. David Pappoe jnr

    14. May, 2010

    this is soo amazing i can’t wait to start doing business with enigin. all of you at enigin are wonderful very greatful to your management.this is the best eductaion i have had on energy saving since i started researching on it… hopefully we will sign the agreement sooner than later

  3. sanjay

    08. Jul, 2010

    The analogy of the Car that only displays the fuel usage after you have burnt it is a really good one.

    Expectation management – I guess it wont be long berfore this kind of tracking is standard – it should be standard – and I hope that we will see it in our lifetime!

  4. David

    28. Jul, 2010

    I think that you are right Sanjay, it really should be standard. I remember only a decade ago recyclinig was something that was completely ignored, no one in this country did it (I am based in the UK at the moment by the way – as apposed to the US where my roots are). Where now all the local UK councils are pushing and providing recycling pick ups from the door – so it has now become normal. The expectation is that you DO recycle. The same should become true for energy usage.

    If we can get to the point where tracking energy in the home with an inbuilt system is normal, then everyones energy use will drop, and the earth is more likely to be around for our great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren to enjoy!

  5. andrew stephenson

    28. Jul, 2010

    Excellent resource! Well done.

  6. Toffeeman

    28. Jul, 2010

    Itemised energy billing sounds awesome! It’s a shame the energy companies won’t implement this type of metering…I guess they’re too busy making money (I heard today that British Gas profits are up 98%!) But if you could could save as much as it cost to implement in a short time, then it’s a no-brainer. I wonder what type of payback this system could deliver?

  7. James

    28. Jul, 2010

    I am one of the writer contributors over at the maclist, and I found this through one of the articles written about the development of ths kind of technology.

    That is totally Cool!!! I want one! Where can I get it? Are they selling these on Amazon yet? And if not – why not?!!??!

  8. Geoff

    28. Jul, 2010

    Wow!!! What an amazing product you guys have here. Quite unlike anything else i’ve seen available whilst conducting my research into this market!


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